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Both: retired from sedentary occupations, took up cycling in 2000-2002
           and have not been so fit for many a year.

She: never previously a sportswoman, now enjoys the exercise and
          the companionship of club rides.

He: sportsman as a youth, both hips re-surfaced (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing)
          in 1999 & 2001: took up cycling to rebuild muscles, now a regular rider.
             ** Always grateful for the new lease of life given by talented surgeons. **

Bikes: Ridgeback World Voyage steel tourers, new saddles, longer handlebar stems
          Gears: lower ratio gears fitted, 8-speed 11 - 34 tooth cassettes 
                      and 46, 36, 24 tooth chainrings to replace originals.
          Tyres: 32-622 to 37-622, Schwalbe Marathon or similar.
          Punctures: typically 1 per year between the two bikes.
          Miles/year: typically 3,500 or so.

Illustrated Talks: 
We have given many general-interest Powerpoint presentations
of our rides 
          to local groups and societies, including:  B.N.S.S., Women's Institutes, 
                                     Cycle Clubs, French Circles, Luncheon Clubs, etc.
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